Long Roll Jar Mills
Long roll jar mills are designed specifically for applications where space is at a premium. Available in single and multiple-tier models. Roll lengths: 36, 48, 72 inches
  1. Totally enclosed motors permit solid-state-control of roll speed.
  2. Machines have speed range of between 50 and 300 RPM
  3. Rolls mounted in ball bearing pillow blocks
  4. Rolls are made of long-wearing, oil, solvent and chemical-resistant Neoprene rubber; bleeds off static electricity generated by rotating jars.
  5. Jar positioners made of long-wearing polyurethane are available at extra cost for any long roll jar mill. They keep jars separated, positioned exactly. Simple to install, quickly moved to any position.
  1. 3-position lateral adjustment for idler roller.
  2. Free-turning ball-bearing antifriction jar stop.
  3. Lifetime lubricated and sealed ball bearing
  4. Revolution counters, automatic timers,motor controls, jar positioners, sound- proof enclosures
  5. Explosion-proof model has constant speed of 290 RPM

Capacity Table
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