Drum Rollers
These units save time, labor and money in applications where mixing is performed by rolling the container. Fully adjustable to roll any round container from a 20 litres to a 150 litres drum.
  1. Heavy-duty 6" diameter Neoprene wheels, eight under each drum, can be moved to clear hoops and bungs permitting unlimited latitude in type of container rolled.
  2. Neoprene wheels bleed the static electricity generated by drum rotation.
  3. Smooth running ball bearing pillow blocks and solid welded steel base for heavy-duty service.
  4. Constant speed drive: 144RPM which rotates 55-gallon drum at 37RPM. Note: To compute revolving speed of other containers, multiply diameter of wheels by RPM of wheels and divide by diameter of container.
  5. V-belt and expandable pulley-type variable speed drive allows speeds from 76 to 190 RPM. Speeds can be changed when unit is operating.
  6. Options: Motor controls.
Capacity Table
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